Research on product safety, chemical hazards, risk assessment, and regulatory issues

If you would like help with product safety searching, evaluation, and reporting, please contact us.

We have chemical experience to PhD level, and 23 years of experience in handling physico-chemical, toxicological, and ecological data for safety and regulatory purposes.

Chemical suppliers have a duty-of-care to ensure they are aware of the current hazards of their products in order to protect customers. Alchemy can research and evaluate hazardous properties of ingredients, and provide interpretation and clarity when assessing a product, for example in choosing a variation of a product composition with lowest hazard.

We have access to a range of methods for determining chemical hazard, through databases, literature searching, and structure–activity relationships. This ensures accurate hazard classification, and provides the basis for safe use.

We can check your products for ingredients that are restricted or banned, or are currently being evaluated so may face restrictions in the future. This applies to the most hazardous of chemicals:

We can assess the hazards in relation to exposure modelling, both for the workplace and consumer use, to determine safe levels and fulfil obligations for duty-of-care and general product safety.

We can monitor and report on changing legislation to inform your strategic decisions on product composition and marketing in countries of interest.