Alchemy Compliance Ltd.

Compliance and safety for chemical products

A clear and effective route to regulatory compliance

Alchemy Compliance helps chemical companies to act in compliance with regulatory requirements. Regulatory compliance gives confidence in your products, both to you and your customers.

Alchemy Compliance has an international client base, and draws on twenty five years of experience in chemical supply regulations. This means we can tackle most issues concerning legislation, registrations, product evaluation, literature-searching, testing, safety assessment, classification and labelling, safety data sheets, and more.

Alchemy Compliance provides consultancy in a fair, reliable and helpful way, to the highest standards in professionalism, accuracy, and comprehensibility.

If you would like to discuss the potential benefits to your company of working with Alchemy Compliance, please contact Alchemy Compliance.

What clients have said:

Thank you for everything you did to get this filed in such good time. We could not have found anyone more qualified and helpful

‘I really cannot thank you enough for your expedience!  I know it was some trouble for you to work on such short notice – THANK YOU!’

‘I would like to thank you once again for giving up so much of your time this morning to talk with me. If only local Trading Standard offices had just one of you in each one, this process could have been made a lot easier. I am now ending my week much better than I thought I would be.’