Alchemy Compliance provides expert regulatory advice for the supply of chemicals. With 23 years of consulting in the regulation of industrial chemicals, Alchemy provides professional, cost-effective support for a many compliance issues, particularly for the REACH and CLP Regulations, and safety data sheet authoring. Our main areas of expertise are given below, and you can click through on the headings for more information, or contact us if your requirements are not listed.

REACH services, including UK-REACH

  • Alchemy Compliance can advise on all aspects of the REACH registration.
  • Literature searching, structure–activity relationships, and testing strategy.
  • Chemical safety assessment.
  • Dossier compilation in IUCLID format.
  • UK-REACH notification, registration, and ‘only representative’ services.

Safety data sheet authoring

  • Extensive experience of SDS authoring for UK, EU, US and beyond.
  • Expert classification of ingredients and products.
  • Tailoring to product-specific and national standards.
  • Translation service.
  • Authoring and implementation of extended SDSs.

Research on product safety, chemical hazards, risk assessment, and regulatory issues

  • Chemical product research: databases, literature, and structure–activity relationships
  • Hazards and legal restrictions on use
  • Hazard classification, notification to the classification and labelling inventory, and PBT/vPvB assessment
  • Human health and environmental exposure and risk assessment
  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • Article writing, presentations, and training on chemical hazard and regulatory issues

Poison centre notification

  • Online poison centre notification through the ECHA portal.
  • Offline poison centre notification through IUCLID 6 software.

COSHH assessment

  • Hazard identification and assessment for products.
  • Implementing exposure scenarios in the workplace
  • Compilation of COSHH assessment.
  • Advice on risk management


  • In-house, bespoke training to address topics of interest
  • Safety data sheet authoring
  • REACH compliance
  • Hazard classification and labelling for substances and mixtures
  • Chemical risk assessment and safety
  • Preparing for Brexit