About Alchemy Compliance

Our values

At Alchemy Compliance, we aim to make chemical use safer by applying chemical knowledge and regulatory expertise to the supply of chemical products. Our consultancy services are provided to the highest standards in professionalism, accuracy, and comprehensibility.

We provide services in a fair, reliable and helpful way to form long-term, trust-based business relationships, where you feel confident in our consultancy services.

Why us?

Alchemy Compliance combines a thorough understanding of chemistry (to PhD level) with long and diverse experience in European chemical regulation. We provide expert advice in core regulatory areas of chemical supply legislation, REACH registration and compliance, health and environmental assessments, safety data sheets, and hazard classification and labelling.

We take pride in our communication, giving clear advice. We can also support industry by providing training in regulatory issues.

Alchemy’s combination of chemical knowledge and regulatory expertise mean we can offer quicker access to markets for your chemical products. We can develop testing strategies, and place testing at a laboratory to most appropriate to your timing or cost requirements, and reduce the overall testing costs through use of literature data and structure–activity relationships.

Our client base is truly international. We are pleased to act as consultant and provide legal representation for non-EU chemical companies. All work is undertaken to maintain client confidential business information.

All-in-all, we aim to be a one-stop shop to give you legal and science-based compliance for your chemical products.


Alchemy Compliance was founded in September 2001. The Director, Dr Mel Cooke, CChem MRSC, has a background including chemical research and publishing of chemical journals before becoming involved in regulatory affairs at a contract research laboratory, quickly rising to a position of Deputy Head of Registration Services.

Dr Mel Cooke

Dr Cooke was Head of Section specialising in new and existing chemicals programmes, biocidal products, and an advisor on endocrine disrupting chemicals, and biodegradation.

As well as providing consultancy services, Dr Cooke is a popular trainer, speaker, and has authored many articles on chemical safety and regulation.